Beverages and Food matrix with detailed information labels Interactive Bar chart and its information label Interactive line chart and its navigation Multifunctional time range selector for the interactive line chart


Content & Navigation

Three seperate sections utilizing a range of data visualisation techniques and user-interface features:

  • 1) Drink & Snack Offer:
    • - Beverages and Food matrix (interactive heat map) with detailed information labels
    • - Data filters: region and product type selectors
    • - Presentation of the most popular combinations
  • 2) Sales by Category:
    • - Interactive bar charts
    • - Category and sub-category selectors
    • - Detailed information labels for each product
  • 3) Sales by Time
    • - Interactive line chart
    • - Multiply product type selector
    • - Multifunctional time range selector


  • - D3 Javascript library
  • - Additional Javascript functions applied for data filtering, customising the visual appearance of the charts, navigation functionality
  • - HTML5, CSS


Format (Type):

CSV file


Own data


Development and Implementation

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