Usage Share of Operating Systems in Europe

Device type selectors and Compare mode buttons presented on the navigation map tool Interactive line chart presenting the market share of each operating system Comparison of operating system usage in two selected countries Interactive bar chart presenting operating systems market share for two selected countries


Presentation of Europe-wide mobile and tablet operating systems market share based on web traffic.

  • 1) Usage share by country:
    • Zoomable map country selector.
    • Interactive line charts showing the popularity of iOS, Android and Windows operating systems in the European countries.
    • Device type selector: Mobile Phones and Tablets.
  • 2) Compare mode
    • Comparison of operating system usage in two selected countries.
    • Possibility to compare market share in the selected country with Europe-wide results.
    • Presentation of historical trend and evolution of market share from 2011 till today.
  • 3) Latest statistics
    • Presentation of the current usage share updates


  • D3 Javascript library
  • Javascript, HTML5, CSS


Format (Type): CSV file

Source: StatCounter Global Stats (


Development and Implementation

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